The 3 ‘S’-es

In The Netherlands you have the well-known band ‘de 3 J’s’, well we have the 3 ‘S’-es.

Sleeping:  Yes our cosy B&B is open to everybody who loves the French country life and appreciate the interaction with us and other international guests.
13508886_10153684692578663_3529422731522600189_nAu Bellefleur B&B cherriesborrelau bellefleur toilettries



Shopping: In our house we have a display with all kind of crafty and wooden articles from signs to lamps, from bottle holders to tea-lights and also some bracelets, Pandora style with charms, but for a friendly price.

ABF Crafts varia blueginporium 120 euro bottles3 Tealight holder 2nd photo 9 euros


charles aznavour 4 euro




Sigogne: That’s our village with facilities at walking distance, active committees and vineyards and sunflower fields of course.

AUTO+MOTO+RETRO+-+Sigogne+Flyerview vineyard opposite ussunflowers-charente


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