September Activities: My top 4

September is one of the best months to visit the Charente. The sun is still strong enough so you can still walk in shorts and tops and important for lot’s of people the children are back to school! There are more different activities in this month around the corner than in other months.

My top 4 :
1. A day at the races in Jarnac, starting this afternoon and on the next 2 Sundays as well. The atmosphere is great and the gambling too, even if you don’t win, it’s a nice afternoon out.
2. A nocturnal walk through the vineyards where there are stands where you can drink, eat and dance. Better known as the ‘March de Mareuil’.  Every year there is a different theme and this year it was ‘Continents’. Last night there were about 2000 persons. The ladies we have in our B&B were very enthusiastic and they have done this walk for several years already. For only 14€ you will get food and drinks.
3. The 3 days foire/expo in Barbezieux. During the day and evening you can find stands with specialities of the region, but also with agricultural machines, etc. Every night there is an open air concert with a different singer/band. On Friday evening you normally have somebody who used to be populair in the 70’s. Last year there was Michel Fugain (for the 2nd time), this year Sheila (without the Black Devotion) and in the weekend more young performers.  The tickets including the concert (mostly about 90 minutes) costs only 6€ !
4. And the best one is of course in our own village. Here is the program for the coming week. We still have some availability in Au Bellefleur, so don’t miss out these nice events.

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