Moederdag/Fête des Mères/Mothers Day in France (28/05/2017)

Prenez soin de maman avec un week-end surprise et un petit-déjeuner gastronomique festif supplémentaire. Demandez les conditions.

Pamper your mother with a surprise weekend and an extra festive and luxury breakfast. Ask for the conditions.
moederdagaanbieding 2017

Verwen moeder met een verrassingsweekendje en een extra feestelijk luxe ontbijt.
Vraag naar de voorwaarden.

A French party in the country

We have been invited to join a surprise birthday party for our neighbour-friend who became 60.  Friday night was the night! The birthday man first had to attend a meeting about the next big event in our village, the l’exposition des VOITURES DE l’AMICALE DES MECANIQUES SIGOGNAISES on Sunday 30th April.
We have been asked to enter through the kitchen of the Salle de Fete quietly because the meeting was in another room, adjoining the one where we would party.

It was a well kept surprise because our friend wasn’t suspicious and when his friends showed up and he saw the tables, disco, etc. he became quite emotional.
The persons who organized it, done a great job, with an extended apero (home made punch which is always very popular, ricard, cognac schweppes and pineau, the local drinks,) etc. A variety of verrines and canape’s.
Just before 10 PM we started with the first courses, lovely pasta salad and rice salad with tuna, greek salad, crab mousse. Fantastic and we were with 60 persons!
Music was played from various era, starting to my surprise with ‘Comment ça va from the Dutch boys band, The Shorts’. Within 15 minutes we had 5 songs from different countries. Modern Talking songs are always a hit as well as Cotton Eye Joe and French people love Line Dancing and rock ‘n’ roll. There was a lady in her 70’s wearing high heels and she was for me the ‘Dancing Queen’ of the evening.
Oh and I had my special dances with Mr Birthday himself who had asked for me Julien Clerc.
Time to dance in between the courses.  You won’t believe that there were more men dancing than women.
The next dish was a lovely boeuf bourguignon. Of course a French evening is not complete without different cheeses and a fantastic and huge birthday cake with champagne.
With these kind of party’s the unannounced ‘dress code’ is informal/casual but don’t be surprised if people are wearing workman’s trousers and trainers.

Everybody is wearing what he or she wants which is great.
The pictures will tell the story of a lovely evening.

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